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Article or Case Law Search Paper

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Article or Case Law Search Paper
January 27, 2014

The article that I have read and did my research for the article case law search is about a hospital in New York will have to pay $2.3 million dollars for overbilling the Medicaid program.
Two Westchester County Hospital had overbilled the Medicaid program of $70 million dollars by improperly approving home care for Medicaid patients. The Attorney Generals Medicaid Fraud control Unit found out that the two hospitals were billing Medicaid beyond the cost of the drugs and made more than over a million dollars in profit. Both or the hospitals never admitted or denied the accusation. They decided to pay twice the fine that was against them. About 145 New York providers which includes the hospitals, physicians, group practices and individual practice have paid back an estimating amount of $19.9 million dollars back to the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Some health care leaders have brought up an important message regarding mistake with billing should be considered a fraud or not. In the article this is how t "A label of fraud is really not accurate and can discredit the institution in the community," Northern Metropolitan Hospital Association President and CEO Kevin Dahill told the Journal News. "Hospitals participate in these audits and agree to the findings. If they make mistakes, they correct them. That's not fraud," he said (Caramenico, Alicia; 2012, 4). In my opinion I don’t think that a mistake in billing should be considered a fraud. Sometime employers might type the worng procedure or diagnosis code due to reading a medical record notes in a patient chart wrong. I feel that when this happens the billing should be overlooked and be corrected. Once it has been corrected and it has been repeated then there is no fraud done at all. After reading this article I feel that this wasn’t the first…...

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