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“Arizona County Gives Wrong Election Date in Spanish Voter Cards”

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“Arizona County gives wrong election date in Spanish voter cards”

The Arizona Democratic Party is calling for a meeting with the Maricopa County Recorder following an error in relationship with the approaching election, the Maricopa County’s elections office says that they mailed out just about 2 million new voter registration cards, and that only about 50 of the cards, apparently handed out at the receptions of their offices had an error.

The mistake in the voter cards was that the incorrect election date was printed on the mailer that comes with your voter ID that you punch out. The error was only made in the Spanish voter cards (and supposedly in only 50 of those cards), but of course some people is concerned it will cause voters to show up on the incorrect day, the county still alleging that this will only affect and involve a few dozen cards, but the people calling for the meeting aren’t convinced that this issue is not more widespread.
This issue is likely to further complicate tense relations between local authorities and Latino residents

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