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with loan sharks. She was frightened at the sight of the blood, and he told her she could help save him. She agreed at once, without asking any questions. The next night, after the dishwashing shift, he picked her up in his car and told her, “You’ll help me, and I’ll also teach you how to enjoy yourself.” They drove to an isolated grove at the edge of the city, where a row of cars with their lights on were waiting.

“A party,” she thought to herself. A few minutes later she was placed on a frayed child’s blanket that had been tossed on the back seat of the car; her brother taught her everything in 10 minutes. Behind him was a row of men who got out of the cars and stood one behind the other in front of the blanket. When one finished, the next one began. One car after another, night after night.
For an entire month. That is how her elder brother paid his debt to the loan sharks − with the body of his 11-year-old sister.

What followed was no better. To stop her from telling the story, he told their alcoholic mother that she, his sister, had forced him, had asked for it. “Whore,” screamed the woman who had given birth to her. “I knew in the end you’d be a whore,” and threw her out of the house into the street.

D. was taken in by an older man and later gave birth to his children and built a family. But occasionally she would be overcome by uncontrollable fury and would mercilessly beat anyone who was near her. It made no difference if it was her husband or her young children.

The last arrest order against her was due to an attempt to attack her partner, who turned her in to the police. Later, she landed in prison and subsequently returned to the street, prostitution, drugs, then back to prison, until finally she was discharged. When she received psychological therapy at the rehabilitation hostel, it became clear that whenever she saw a member of her…...

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