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Arabs vs Muslims

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Vladimir Perozhak
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Middle Eastern Studies

Many people do not know the difference between Arabs and Muslims, but there is a huge difference. The Identity of an “Arab” is given based on a person geographical origin. For example, people of the Middle East and Northern Africa are identified as Arabs. Muslims are the people who practice Islam. A large amount of Muslims are located in the Middle East which may be why many people may not understand the Difference between and Arab and a Muslim, infact most Muslims are located in Asia primarily in Indonesia. As you know now the word “Arab” is used to identify ethinicity or nationality and the identification of Muslim is based of religion, in fact some Arabs practice christianity. For example, Syria an Arab country is 80% Christian and only 20% Muslim.

The problem between identifying Muslims from Arabs is common throughout the world but maybe the United States more than any other developed country. How do we inform people about their differences? The number one way would be education and educating students about this topic. Another way to inform individuals may be advertisements for adults or even talking about it on the news. It is important for people to know the difference in identities because of all the Middle Eastern conflicts going on in todays society and because of their booming oil reserves which are crucial to our economy and who controls what. Many questions still arise about the identification of people in the Middle East. For example i always wondered why Israelis do not Identify themselves as Arabs even though they live in the Middle East, maybe in time as conflicts between Israel and Palestine as well as Iran pass they…...

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