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Apple in the digital age from the iPod to the iPad
Apple Inc. The Case Study 2000 - 2010

Foreward John Ashcroft
Welcome to this Apple case study. I have always been something of a computer geek. My first computer was a Commodore Pet in 1978. It had 8k of RAM and a cassette player for storage. Programmed effectively, a two dimensional pencil sketch of a rocket would take off and zoom off screen. Beyond that and a few simple games, I don’t recall it did much at all. My first experience of Apple was the Apple II in the early 1980’s. The combination of Apple and a Visicalc spreadsheet, greatly enhanced financial and business plan modelling. Business models were more easily produced and what-if simulations were available at the click of a button. It was a great step up from the pencil and calculator. Seven years ago, I abandoned Microsoft and converted entirely to Apple. Apple Macs, MacBooks, MacBook Air, iPods, iTouch, the iPhone and the iPad, I had to try them all and never looked back This is the case study of Apple in the digital age. The great era of the iPod, the discovery of the digital hub and Apple’s move into the mainstream consumer market with the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. It has many great examples for enthusiasts of marketing, leadership, organization, financial analysis and strategic management. The story begins almost ten years ago. In 2001, Apple sales fell by a third and the company reported an operating loss of $350 million some 6% of sales. The company was thought by many to be in trouble. In the same year the the iPod was launched, the concept of the digital hub emerged, sales have increased from $5bn to $65bn in 2010 and profits have soared to $18 billion. In 2011 sales revenues will exceed $110 billion. I hope you enjoy the case study. John Ashcroft Dr John Ashcroft PhD, Bsc(Econ) CBIM FRSA, is Chief Executive or pro.manchester, a director…...

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