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Self Quiz Ch 14

1. The brain A) is the center of both motor and sensory processing. B) is the center of emotion, intellect, memory and behavior. C) is composed of trillions of neurons and thousands of neuroglia. D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct.

2. How do the cranial meninges differ from the spinal meninges? A) The cranial meninges have one layer instead of two. B) There no epidural space between the dura and the bones of the skull. C) The cranial meninges do not enclose vascular sinuses, but the spinal meninges do. D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct.

3. Which blood vessels supply the brain with blood? A) vertebral arteries B) internal carotid arteries C) external carotid arteries D) A and B are correct. E) A, B and C are correct.

4. The blood-brain barrier A) lets lipid-soluble substances, such as O2, CO2 and many anesthetic agents enter the brain. B) is formed by oligodendrocytes. C) allows creatinine, urea and most ions to pass more quickly than water and glucose. ) A and B are correct. D) A, B and C are correct.

5. Cerebrospinal fluid A) is an opaque, yellowish liquid. B) provides some mechanical protection for the brain. C) contains red blood cells. D) is found in the blood vessels of the CNS. E) is made by microglia.

6. How does cerebrospinal fluid pass from the 3rd ventricle into the 4th ventricle? A) through the interventricular foramen B) through the median aperture C) through the cerebral aqueduct D) through the median aperture E) through the central canal

7. The brain stem includes all of the following EXCEPT the: A) medulla oblongata B) pons C) midbrain D) diencephalon E) reticular formation

8. The medulla oblongata A) is the site…...

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