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Product Life Cycle Of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

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Introduction of Cadbury
Cadbury is a British multinational confectionery company owned by Mondelēz International. It is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Wrigley's. Cadbury was established in Birmingham in 1824, by John Cadbury who sold tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. Cadbury developed the business with his brother Benjamin, followed by his sons Richard and George. George developed the Bourneville estate, a model village designed to give the company's workers improved living conditions.
Cadbury is best known for its confectionery products including the Dairy Milk chocolate, the Creme Egg, and the Roses selection box. Dairy Milk chocolate in particular, introduced in 1905, used a higher proportion of milk within the recipe compared with rival products. By 1914, the chocolate was the company's best-selling product. Creme Eggs are made available for sale in the United Kingdom (now available all year) from January of each year until Easter, and are the best-selling confectionary product in the country during the period.
The company was known as Cadbury Schweppes plc from 1969 until its demerger in 2008, when its global confectionery business, was separated from its US beverage unit (now called "Dr Pepper Snapple Group"). It was also a constant constituent of the FTSE 100 from the index's 1984 inception until the company was bought by Kraft Foods in 2010. Cadbury is headquartered in Uxbridge, London, and operates in more than fifty countries worldwide.
Cadbury Chocolates was started in Birmingham in 1824 by John Cadbury.…...

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