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and religions” (Marger, 2009 pg. 114). The U.S. is the most ethnically diverse society in the world because this country is willing to take anybody in and is one of the most accepting countries in the world. The United States is a sign of success to many underprivileged countries. Migration to the United States usually means better jobs and better living conditions. In addition, the United States is a country that welcomes diversity and makes room for change.
The dominating group has monopolized the culture is Caucasians, Anglo-Saxons, or white Protestant. This group dominates because of its roots and its ability to assimilate or confirm to one’s culture. The particular group is willing to conform in order to gain flavor and stability. In addition, this particular group migrated to the United States in high numbers and which means that there are a large number of them in this country.
It is hard to say if the Anglo-Saxon or white-Protestant will be the dominating class in the future. There has been a large amount of immigrates coming in from the Hispanic origin countries. This has caused a huge increase in the Hispanic population. If the keeps happening I can see that this culture will become the dominating one. However, I do not see white-Protestant giving up the rains that freely. If new immigration laws are set in place and held to a standard I do not see the dominating group changing.
Marger, Martin N. (2009). Race and Ethnic Relations (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.…...

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