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Audience Analysis
This paper will elaborate on how to do an analysis on an audience. It will focus on audience characteristics, appropriate communication channels, audience diversity, and effective messaging. This information will be presented to the stakeholders, salespeople, managers, and to customers. The information from the quarterly report will be valued and respected effectively to communicate and provide feedback to quarterly sales.
One of the best ways to conduct quarterly sales meeting is by face-to-face contact. Face-to-face presentation includes showing PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, and graphs to a group of people from a company that has investments in the company. A face-to-face contact allows the presenter to fully use their verbal and non-verbal communicative abilities. Because the meeting is happening in real time, the audience can participate in an active manner and ask for clarification of doubts or question they may have.
When communicating in front of an audience, there are certain things that must be considered to prevent from offending anyone’s age, religion, race, sex, and culture. Beware of the different cultural groups within the organization. To help the presentation move along smoothly conduct research to identify values, attitudes, and philosophies. When a speaker has to deliver a powerful and important message to an audience, the speaker should first consider the characteristics of the audience. Analyzing the audience before a presentation will help avoid ones feelings. The audience body language can also determine how the presentation will be successful or not. When the presenter knows their audience, they can speak with easy and know how to communicate better with them. The speaker should always make eye to eye contact, and speak slowly so everyone in the audience will understand. The best benefit the speaker…...

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