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Analyze the Performance of Metcash and Woolworths

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In this valuation report, we will analyze the performance of Metcash and Woolworths (Australia) in the past six years from 2007 to 2012 and make some forecasts in order to aid investors in making decisions about investments between these two companies. Two methods of DCF valuation and relative valuation are used during the analysis. Firstly, we estimate FCFF with calculated WACC to determine the two companies’ stock price, comparing their actual current stock price. Secondly, we analyze P/E Ratio, P/S Ratio and EV/EITDA Ratio to make a comparison between the two companies and average industry. Our estimation will show that both Metcash and Woolworth are undervalued and suitable for investment
1. Overview : Metcash Limited(MTS) and Woolworths Limited(WOW) 3 1.1 Metcash Limited 3 1.2 Woolworths Limited 3
2. Metcash DCF valuation within FCFF approach 4 2.1 Weighted average cost of capital 4 2.1.1 Cost of equity 4 2.1.2 Cost of debt 4 2.1.3 Capital structure analysis 5 2.1.4 Effective tax rate analysis 5 2.2Estimation of FCFF 6 2.2.1 Growth rate expectation 6 2.2.2 FCFF and present value 6
3. Woolworths Limited DCF valuation within FCFF approach 7 3.1 Weighted average cost of capital 7 3.1.1 Cost of equity 7 3.1.2 Cost of debt 8 3.1.3 Capital structure analysis 8 3.1.4 Effective tax rate analysis 9 3.2 Estimation of FCFF 10 3.2.1 Growth rate expectation 10 3.2.2 FCFF and present value 10 4. Relative Valuation 11 4.1 Price Earnings Model (P/E Ratio) 11 4.2 Price to Sales Model (P/S Ratio) 13 4.3 Enterprise Value to EBITDA Multiple 14
5. Summery and recommendation 15
6. Reference list 17

1. Overview : Metcash Limited(MTS) and Woolworths Limited(WOW)

1.1 Metcash Limited

Metcash Limited…...

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