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Analysis of Morisot Versus Caillebotte

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Analysis of Morisot versus Caillebotte
Impressionism is an artistic style of painting that originated in France in the 1870s. This style of painting attempts to capture an experience or emotion opposed depicting a scene accurately. Every impressionistic painter has a distinct method of rendering as well as their own distinct set of qualities that reflect the artist themselves. For instance, The Basket Chair by Berthe Morisot and The Orange Trees by Gustave Caillebotte are two impressionist works of art of oils on canvas that contrast in many ways. These two paintings will be compared side by side with an in depth approach comparing the artist’s personal status in society, modernism’s role in the piece, and the execution of composition. Through this process, a better understanding of why the male artist is more effective at this time will be discussed.
Firstly, personal status in society accounts for gender and class. The two artist’s social statuses play a major role in relation to their subject matter. For instance, Berthe Morisot was one of the few female painters at this time. As a female during this time, their job is to be in the home with the children. The two impressionistic painters were of middle to upper class, bourgeoisie. Female painters were in small number as they did not share the same freedom men had. Women had to be accompanied by a man or they were thought to be a prostitute. Women had unequal rights. Men were able to be the flanuer, but if women attempted to do so, they would be propositioned for sex. Therefore, for the male artists in France, their subject matter was in wider range to paint from which equals more stimulating pieces and possibilities. Due to this male superiorism, Gustave Caillebotte’s subject matter in The Orange Trees is much more interesting than Morisot’s The Basket Chair.
Secondly, modernism was occurring in France with…...

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