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To: James Barrett, CEO

From: Chan Yang, Assistant Marketing Director

Date: April 24, 2012

Subject: amy’s bread


Here is the analytical report that you requested on April 24, 2012 to conduct research on The analytical report consists of four sections and information on whether Metropolitan Bakery should open a retail location in the New York metro area.


There are five categories on, which are Locations, Menu, Shopping, News, and Our Staff.

The locations category of lists the three different retail stores that Amy’s Bread has in New York. All three of the locations are in Manhattan. The retail stores are located in the following areas: Chelsea Market in lower Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen in midtown Manhattan, and the Village in lower Manhattan.

The menu category of includes all of the different products that are offered in Amy’s Bread’s retail locations. The following products are offered in the retail locations:

Organic Breads


Rustic Italian

Country White

Toy’s Organic Wheat Baguette

Peasant White

Whole Wheat

Five Grain


Oat Peacan with Golden Raisins

Black Olive

Fougasse and Block Olive Twist

Black Olive Bread and Black Olive Ficelle







Seeded Twist


Black Sesame Seeds

Golden Raisin and Fennel

Speciality Breads

Prosciutto and Black Pepper

Potato Onion Dill

Parmesan Cheese Twist

Focaccia with Onions or Rosemary

Organic Rye with Caraway

Walnut Strip

Focaccia Raisin Twist

Raisin Walnut

Picholine Olive



Peanut Butter

Orange Butter

Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin

Kitchen Sink

Lime Commeal

Double Chocolate Pecan


White Chocolate Cherry



Roast Turkey on Semolina

Vegetarian White Bean

NY State Goat Cheese


Grilled NY State Cheddar

Grilled Panini

Grilled Ham and Swiss

Summer Turkey


Peanut Buter & Jelly

Vegetarian Hummos

Brie Mini

Tuna Mini


French Ham and Butter

Black Olive Ficelle

Evening Sandwiches

Turkey and Avocado

Grilled Focaccia

Walnut and Brie

Genoa Salami



Tuna on Greens

Hummus & Chickpea

Roasted Beef & Quinoa

Cannellini Bean & Avocado



Café Latte

Café au Lait



Iced Coffee

Iced Tea

Black Tea

Herbal Tea

Hot Chocolate

Saratoga Water

Virgil’s Root Beer

Reed’s Ginger Brew

Juice Spritzers

Fizzie Lizzie Drinks

The menu category also includes sections on how to taste bread and bread care tips. The “How do you taste bread?” section includes a short questionnaire that can be used by individuals when tasting bread. On the bread care tips page, there are explanations on how to care for bread in regards to storage, refreshing, and freezing.

The shopping category of lists different products that can be purchased at Amy’s Bread other than breads and sweets. The different items offered at Amy’s Bread are cookbooks, T-shirts, caps, Biscotti, and a gift card. In addition, the shopping category includes a bread sampler. One of the samplers is a 5 lb. “Highlights Sampler”, which includes four loaves of bread and half a dozen twists. The “Semolina with Golden Raisins and Fennel” includes five loaves of Amy’s signature bread. All of the items in the shopping category can be purchased over the phone by calling Amy’s Bread’s customer service staff.

The Amy’s Bread website also includes a news category that reveals who Amy is and opinions on the products that Amy’s Bread offers in its retail stores.

1. According to an article from More, “Scherber attended culinary school, then worked as a cook before discovering a passion for bread making”. The article goes on to say that Amy opened her first bakery in 1992. In addition, the article explains how Amy’s Bread is not a “big chain”, but rather a neighborhood business that cares for the people who work and live nearby.

2. Time Out New York magazine states “Amy Scherber wins your vote for revolutionizing bread baskets across the city with her signature semolina-fennel-golden raisin rolls and warm, dense organic whole wheat walnut bread”. According to this article, Amy’s Bread has grown substantially since opening its first location in Hell’s Kitchen. Today, the bakery supplies over 100 restaurants and stores with a daily bread supply. However, the article also states that the growth has “not killed any of the charm”.

3. A New York Times article “Best Bread in New York City” from May 14, 1999 claims, “Amy Scherber's bakery, Amy's Bread, makes some of the best bread in New York”. The article praises the high quality breads that Amy’s Bread has to offer. According to the article, “With so much good bread, it stands to reason that she would make excellent sandwiches, like black olive tapenade on a baguette with goat cheese, thyme, eggplant and oven-roasted tomatoes”. In addition, the article also states that the brownies and coffeecakes Amy’s Bread offers are excellent desserts.

Our Staff is the final category on This section includes a photo of the entire staff of Amy’s Bread, photos from the bakery, and a biography of Amy Scherber, the owner of Amy’s Bread. According to her biography, Amy realized her passion for cooking and baking after starting a career in corporate marketing. She left her job to pursue this passion by attending culinary school in New York and subsequently opened her first bakery on Ninth Avenue, in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan, New York. Later, she opened another location in the Chelsea Market. Her staff has expanded from five in 1992, to over 100 today. Most recently, Amy opened another retail location in the Village. The biography goes on to explain that Amy Scherber is featured in a number of different publications.


On the basis of the findings, several conclusions can be inferred. considered effect the company as a whole.

Amy’s Bread is a well-established bakery with three highly successful locations in New York City. After evaluating the website for the bakery, it is clear that Amy’s Bread offers many different products, which are not limited to simply bread. Bread is simply one of the types of products that Amy’s Bread offers. In addition to bread, they offer products such as pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. To further their product selection, Amy’s Bread also offers a vast array of beverages such as cappuccino and herbal tea. All of the different products that Amy’s Bread offers are very diversified to serve a broad range of customers.

In addition, after reviewing the news articles, it is clear that Amy’s Bread is highly regarded in the New York metro area. The retail locations that Amy’s Bread operates are not “big chain” types of stores, but community stores that care for those who live and work in the areas they are located in. Amy’s Bread also supplies over 100 different restaurants in the New York area, which makes it clear that they are the top choice as a supplier in the area. In addition, all of the products that Amy’s Bread offers have received high regard in the different publications featured on the website. This is especially the case for the sandwiches created using the various different types of breads and the different cakes, pastries, and beverages offered in the retail locations.


Based on the findings and conclusions, I recommend that the following be done for Metropolitan Bakery to open a retail location in the New York metro area.

1. Although we currently offer a large selection of different breads, Amy’s Bread offers many more choices. Offerings that we should expand on are our organic, sourdough, semolina, and specialty breads. For organic breads, Amy’s Bread offers many selections such as Rustic Italian and Country White, while our locations only offer Country Miche. Sourdough breads are an offering that we would need to offer as well. Currently, Amy’s Bread offers three different types of sourdough bread, while Metropolitan Bakery does not offer any. In addition, Metropolitan Bakery would need to greatly expand its specialty bread offerings. It is important that we add products such as Raisin Walnut bread, Pumpernickel, and Parmesan Cheese Twist. In addition to selling these breads in our New York location, we should also sell sandwiches that are made using these breads. This seems to be a very large part of Amy’s Bread, considering the amount of sandwiches that are offered in its retail locations.

2. Amy’s Bread offers many different sweets and beverages at its locations. We offer sweets and beverages at our locations as well, but not to the extent of Amy’s Bread. For breakfast, Amy’s Bread offers scones and muffins every morning. In addition, many different pastries, cookies, cakes and cupcakes are offered at Amy’s Bread on a daily basis. They offer ten different cookie varieties and over 15 different pastries, cakes and cupcakes. For beverages, Amy’s Bread offers a vast selection of hot and cold beverages to complement the bakery products. Our bakery should greatly expand its sweets and treats offerings in order to compete with Amy’s Bread. Metropolitan Bakery must include cookies, cakes, muffins and lattes to be competitive with Amy’s Bread.

3. Metropolitan Bakery currently offers dog bones at its locations in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This product should be offered in the New York metro area, which would give us a competitive advantage over Amy’s Bread. There are many dogs in New York City and dog runs are located all around Manhattan. Our affordable and tasty treat for dogs will sell extremely well to the dog-loving residents of New York.

4. Locating Metropolitan Bakery in a high-traffic area is critical to the success of our retail location in the New York metro area. One of the best areas to focus on in opening a retail store would be in the Penn Station area of Manhattan. Thousands of travelers move through the Penn Station area on a daily basis. Many of these travelers would find it much more convenient to visit Metropolitan Bakery rather than to travel to one of the Amy’s Bread retail locations in other parts of the city. A retail location near Penn Station would allow for commuters to stop in on they’re way to and from work to pick up the various products that we can offer in this new retail store.

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