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I am doing my report on the new row crop application system of the Balzer liquid manure handling equipment. Working on a large hog farm in Bloomfield, IN and just having added a Balzer Eliminator 7500 gallon slurry tank (non-row crop) to our operation I felt a report on this subject would be appropriate. The new addition to the Balzer Manufacturing Company is the row-crop application system. This system will allow producers to apply the nutrients needed into standing corn or beans in crucial times of the year. The row-crop edition will be on a 120 inch wheelbase needed for 30 inch rows. The application will be equipped with 18.4R38 tires. Balzer Independent Steerable Axle System allows for easier turning on end rows as well as a smooth ride over rough terrain. Grease banks are conveniently located for easy maintenance on the steering system. The Rite-Rate system is added as an option for precise, consistent application throughout the field. The standard Bull Pull hitch allows the hitch pin to move for smooth towing and less stress on critical areas. The system is equipped with 2- wheel brakes, but can be used with up to 6.It comes standard with hydraulic drive and PTO drive is optional.
A row-crop manure handling system would be a very rewarding addition to any operation. By having this option to side dress manure could well cut down on a producer’s application of fertilize, reducing quite a large portion of a producer’s expense. If we farmed more acres on our farm, a row-crop manure handling system would be a good addition for us. Having only roughly 400 acres of row-crop ground and around 50 acres of hay ground, a row-crop system would not be as useful to us as it would be to a larger, primarily row-crop production.…...

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