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Americas Bad Jeans

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“Americas Bad Jeans” It is common in today’s world for people to go directly to jeans instead of nice dress pants, or dresses; most people do this because jeans look more casual, match the outfit better, or the event that they may be attending, and most people wear jeans because they are simply more comfortable. George Will’s story “America’s Bad Jeans’ he states his thoughts on people and why they shouldn’t wear jeans. Will gives harsh critiques by stating “but the appearance the people choose to present in public are cues from which we make inferences about their maturity and respect for those to whom they are presenting themselves.” He also says “Do not blame Levi Strauss for the misuse of Levis.” Will believes that people who wear jeans have no self-respect for themselves and do not respect others around them. We live in an economy where jeans are so popular that no finds it offensive that another person is wearing jeans around them because it has been instilled with in them that jeans are okay to wear. In discussion of “Americas Bad Jeans” one controversial issue has been that the new epidemic among people is jeans. Writer Daniel Akst agreed with Georgie Will by declaring “he Denounced denim, summoning Americans to soul-searching and repentance about the plague of that ubiquitous fabric, which is symptomatic of deep disorders in the National Psyche.” One thing that doesn’t make sense is the fact that many people famous people wear jeans for example, Steve Jobs wore blue jeans and a black turtle neck for his go to everyday look, and our President Barack Obama wears jeans. Is Akst and Will trying to state that these men who have achieved everything from being the president of the United States, to becoming a billionaire have no self-respect. George Will story I agree and disagree with statements. I agree because my whole life I have been told to always…...

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