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American Goodness

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Liyao Wang (Leo)
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American Goodness
To compare the educational systems between Chinese and American, people would like to say, “American educational system is much better than Chinese.” For many reasons, I decided to go abroad to America for my college degree after I graduated from my Chinese high school. It is not only because I hope to receive better education, but my mother also wishes me to open my views. Therefore, I came to the U.S. In my private opinion, Chinese high schools are mostly like rephrase. We could not sleep enough; teachers and school presidents always gave us hundreds of tests during only one semester. Also, we had to take averagely seven courses. In my high school, every student had the same purpose, which was being admitted by a better university than others. However, after most students received offers from universities, the rest of their lives were beginning. Since teachers and colleges had no rules to force students to study, they would like to play PC games all day long in their apartments. After they graduated, most students could not find any jobs. Due to those reasons, I do not want to waste my time in these four years. Foreign countries have a really excellent study environment and their educational level is much better than most of the Chinese universities. Another reason is that I want to select the major which I really like. In America, students can choose to take the courses, which they like, to be successful in their bachelor degree. So, I wish that I can make the best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages. As another reason, indeed, my mother hoped that I can go to a good university. After my mother went to Australia, she told me some aspects of foreign countries are really better than China. For example, she believes there are not so many seriously polluted industries around one city. My…...

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