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The term 'Communication' has been derived from the Latin word 'communis' that means 'common'. Thus 'to communicate' means 'to make common' or 'to make known'. This act of making common and known is carried out through exchange of thoughts, ideas or the like. The exchange of thoughts and ideas can be had by gestures, signs, signals, speech or writing. People are said to be in communication when they discuss some matter, or when they talk on telephone, or when they exchange information through letters.
Basically, communication is sharing information, whether in writing or orally. The message, the medium by which the message/information is sent (e.g., written, oral, audio, visual), and the receiver or target of the communication information (decoder). Any disruption, garbling, malfunction, etc. at any point of that communication sequence could result in the failure of a successful communication.

Any communication involves a particle which can be in one of four categories: an object. . .

. . . a written message. . .

. . . a spoken word. . .

. . . or an idea.

Any successful communication contains all the elements shown here. Any failure to communicate can be analyzed against these components to isolate what went wrong

Benefits of Communication

Communications Skills – The Importance of Removing Barriers:
Communication barriers can pop-up at every stage of the communication process (which consists of sender, message, channel, receiver, feedback and context – see the diagram below) and have the potential to create misunderstanding and confusion.

To be an effective communicator and to get your point across without misunderstanding and confusion, your goal should be to lessen the frequency of these barriers at each stage of this process with clear, concise, accurate, well-planned communications.
You can find out which barriers…...

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