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I should take my Leader to the side and ask her if we can talk. When we have our talk, I will ask her about what is going on in her personal life. Typically when a once motivated, straight as an arrow Soldier starts to lack in those areas, something from their personal life has an affect on her job. I would start the conversation off with the positive notes, and then I would tell her that I’ve noticed some changes recently. I would ask specific questions, “How is your family doing? How is their living arrangement? How is your financial situation?” Etc. If she is open to talk about her personal life, then I would make sure I am listening. I would also make sure that others know what is going on as well. I would also ask around our section to see if any other Soldiers have noticed a change of behavior. I would direct her to some resources that will help her in any way. I would periodically check back in with my Leader to ask her how things are going.

I would have a personal conversation with the Soldier to ask her why her performance is degraded. If she decides to tell me what is going on I would see if it’s an isolated incident or if she needs to speak to someone that can help her with her issues. If the issue is of a more serious nature I would refer her to the appropriate counseling agencies on post that can help her. I would inform my Platoon Sergeant of the Soldier’s performance problems and of the conversation that we had, so that it can be elevated to the chain of command if needed. We would establish a plan for the Soldier to either attend counseling to help her work out her problem. I would then monitor the Soldier as she is working thru her problem to make sure she is receiving the best help available so that she can perform her duties.
This is a great way to help with your Leader. I think talking things out & having someone to go to is great! I know from a personal stand-point, that one of my Soldiers always has something going on in her life. If I see she is complaining, getting work done slowly, or slacking off, then I know something is going on in her personal life. She and I speak about it, then I always tell my NCOIC & 1SG about what is going on. It helps that everyone is on the same page. My Soldier typically is always better after we talk, her attitude changes, her demeanor changes, and she goes back to being the awesome Soldier I know she is.

I received 2/2 points & 1/1 points =)…...

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