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SWOT Analysis of AKB48 Strengths * Unique identity: “idol you can meet” * Non-zero Sum Game * Fulfill the segmentation of market * Successful marketing strategy:“General elective” * Nationwide: “National idol” * Strong loyal customer * A full range of communication channels * Price fixing on CDs | Weaknesses * No recruiting of English-speaking girls * Less promotion in the international market | Opportunities * Booming of Japan’s music industry * Anti- Piracy law in Japan * Emerging market in Asia Pacific region: Indonesia, Taiwan, and China | Threats * High competition in the market from K-Pop and Johny & Associates boy band factory. * Development of digital music market |

Strength: Now, AKB48 is one of the successful brands in Japan music industry. So far, it has done many successful marketing strategies. Its unique identity put itself to the great position in the market. Therefore, by using a full range of communication channels such as a social network, its own theater and events, AKB48 made many strong loyal customers who made a competitive advantage for the brand.
Weakness: Since AKB48 is the Japanese brand that mostly focuses on the domestic market so that it does not provide or promote an international marketing strategy, it might have a poor competitive advantage on international market. Meanwhile, K-Pop is strongly promoting the international marketing and also competing in Japanese market.
Opportunity: In the present, the Japan’s music industry is booming because the Anti-Piracy legislation had passed and obsessive collectors inflated the market. Moreover, the trend of Japanese idol girl group is very booming in many Asia Pacific countries so that society is open for the unique girl group bands.
Threat: There is a high competition in the music industry so that the company has competitors from both…...

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...AKB48 released "Aitakatta" on the major label Defstar Records. Before this release, two singles were released as independent records. For this song, 20 members were selected from the 36 members of Team A & Team K. Maeda was one of these selected members, and she performed a leading role in the promotional video of this song. She has appeared at the front of every single ever since.[citation needed] The group's 12th single, "Namida Surprise!", included voting tickets for the 2009 AKB48 Senbatsu Election, where fans can vote for who will be featured in the next single. Maeda won with 4,630 votes, becoming AKB48's most popular member and frontgirl for their 13th single, "Iiwake Maybe".[2] However, in 2010, another election was held and Maeda lost to Yuko Oshima, who had 31,448 votes, whereas Maeda had 30,851 votes, so Yuko became the frontgirl for "Heavy Rotation".[3] Later that year a different type of election was held (AKB48 Janken Senbatsu Tournament) where any member in the group could be front girl. The members were selected by using the rock-paper-scissors method and Mayumi Uchida received the top spot of AKB48's single "Chance no Junban" which marked the first time a relatively unknown member has been at the front of a single.[4] Maeda and Yuko were back at the front spots for the next single, "Beginner".[citation needed] In 2011, a third AKB48 senbatsu election was held. During the early results, Yuko Oshima was leading with first place. However in the final results......

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Langxingchengshuang 联系方式:+81-03-5785-0533 营业时间:11:00-22:30 到达交通:千代田线至明治神宫前站 43 青山店 地址:东京都港区南青山 1 丁目 1-1 网址 联系方式:+81-03-5414-0141 在米饭上放上用上等香油炸过的虾与蔬菜等,再加上其特制的调味汁, 营业时间:8:00-20:00 咬上一口,其浓厚的香味会在你口中荡漾,最有人气的要数两只炸虾和 到达交通:大江户线、银座线至青山一丁目站 芝虾与干贝组合的天妇罗大碗盖饭。 地址:日本东京都台东区浅草 1-38-10 联系方式:+81-03-3844-1111 营业时间:周一至周五 11:30-20:30 参考价格:1500-3000 日元 到达交通:银座线、都营浅草线至浅草站 当地常见平价餐馆 东京街头有许多常见的平价餐馆,数量较多或分布在车站周围,比较 好找。若狭家是日本一家平价美味的刺身饭连锁店,里面的鱼生很新 鲜,而且价格也很便宜。吉野家是日本著名的快餐连锁店,分店遍布 dingom 排队人有点多,炸虾的味道很好,据说是用胡麻油炸的?还有 世界各地,1992 年在中国北京开设首家大陆分店,吸引了无数食客, 萝卜、姜和小菜,调和一下油炸的口感。 现在仍是不少人士快餐的首选。居酒屋是东京街头常见的酒馆形式, Shin-Hi-no-Moto、Sasashu 等 居 酒 屋 都 不 错。 主 题 咖 啡 厅 是 不 错 的休闲、看漫画、上网的场所,以秋叶原、原宿一带居多,日本著名 鱼生 女子偶像团体 AKB48 的主题咖啡厅开了 4 家分店,还有一些有趣的 女仆咖啡厅、动漫主题的咖啡厅。回转寿司店也是品尝日式美食的好 40 金太朗丼 在东京吃新鲜的生鱼片不一定要一大清早跑到鱼市上,在歌舞伎町的金 地方,东京街头很多寿司店,如元祖寿司、天下寿司等,足够你慢慢 品尝。 蚂蜂窝旅游攻略 14 东亚系列 购物 Shopping 东京是购物的圣地,也是时尚潮流年轻人的最爱。你可以发现无论是商 品陈列方式还是外包装,都做得精致得体,颜色丰富到看过一眼就有冲 动去买,物价也不是很高,令你欲罢不能。 心仪 逛街只是一种对日本的感受,感受那份精致,来自各方面的精致。 44 涩谷 涩谷是日本潮流的发源地,年轻人喜爱的购物圣地。在这里你可以不 受 日 本 传 统 文 化 的 束 缚, 穿 得 新 潮、 大 胆 而 没 有 人 把 你 视 为 异 类。 著名的 109 百货大厦已经成为涩谷流行时尚的代表、女孩的购物天 堂,里面全是最潮的服装和饰品,价格也不贵,需要耐心淘。表参道 Tokyo Plaza、原宿、竹下通,众多潮牌云集,为喜爱时尚的年轻人 津津乐道。 蚂蜂窝旅游攻略 木南炸弹 歌舞伎町的男公关店 木南炸弹 新宿堂吉诃德折扣店在攻略和日本官方旅游网站都被介绍,说 是名品折扣店。 日本是没有什么假货的 (跟团的被中国人开的店忽悠的不算, 被忽悠不过是买了别的东西,不算假货),我特意照这些照片就是想说一 个问题:LV 不算什么,日本人很自信,自己的设计师可以做到比 LV 的设 计好,价格可以卖到跟......

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