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African and the Genesis of Humankind (Critique)

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Ariane Sip

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Pan Africanism(AFAM 3370) at Xavier University of Louisiana

Dr. Ronald Dorris

Fall 2012

A Critique of Africa and the Genesis of Humankind

African Studies: A Survey of Africa and the African Diaspora is edited by Mario Azeveda. This book was published in 2005 by Carolina Academic Press. This 565-page book includes acknowledgments, introduction, contributors, and index. The text comprises twenty seven chapter. This critique focuses on the chapter, “African and the Genesis of Humankind.” this part of the book is thirteen pages that are divided into six subsections evenly. The focus of this critique will center on how tone, voice, language, and structure is used to argue that Africa has been considered the cradle for humankind. This chapter focused on a few major points. The first point was that physical environments play an important role in determining the course of human development. In Africa, humans have been able to change the physical environment an the way the environment impacts society. The next point shown was that Africa is a huge continent of human and geographic diversity. This diversity contributes to a greater diversity in society and cultures. The third point was that Africa was the cradle of humankind not only for early ancestors but also for modern day. Evidence have been found by scientists that show that the early evolution of humankind was locate din Africa. The physical environment played a crucial role in the early human evolution. Humans also contribute to the environment change by constantly interacting with it. Humans have altered the constraints of the environment and human society is vastly different today. This relationship is now also more complex than it was a…...

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