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Aerospace Defense Industry

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The Aerospace defense industry is huge industry that spans the entire world. Aerospace defense technology has been known to be a key innovator in today’s technologies for example the space race was a huge factor in computer technology that NASA developed and solar energy
Even though it is commonly referred to as the Defense industry it obviously produces more offensive weapons.
The major countries in the world that are involved in the Aerospace defense industry would be the USA with companies such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman Russia’s biggest Aerospace defense companies are, Almaz-Antey and United Aircraft Corporation.

These two countries have a great majority share on sales of worldwide Aerospace or just Defense related weaponry greatly outpacing the rest of the globe. See table for more information on countries with top Aerospace/Defense exports in millions
US$ globally

The current outlook for the Aerospace industry in the USA could be described as bleak, with major budget cutbacks and the war in Afghanistan winding down there is currently little need for more increased spending. It has been estimated that if the USA is to make another trillion dollar in defense cuts that one million jobs would be lost, that being said there are huge opportunity abroad for the A&D also known as aerospace and defense. However not all is doom and gloom in emerging economies such as Brazil that have doubled their air force budget are key consumers for the A&D industry China is also increasing its defense capitalization, expanding its submarine fleet and developing its first aircraft carrier, purchased from Russia.

Global defense spending is expected to be flat to declining in 2012, mostly made up of reductions in the U.S., United Kingdom (UK), and the rest of Europe, offset with
Increases, principally in China, India, Kingdom of Saudi…...

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