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Many people wish that they could be an adolescence forever. Adolescence is a time where we go through puberty and evolve and mature mentally and physically. During this time we have physical development including the adolescent growth spurt and also sexual development. Everyone has a little bit different maturation and I believe that because of this, this would be the reason why people would want to be a adolescent forever. For most adolescents and teenagers being an adolescent is a time to rebel and to have fun. The main reason for this would be that many adolescences have not reached their peak of maturity. Even though they yearn to be known as adults by adults and their parents, they actually fear the responsibilities of growing up such as working and supporting a spouse and kids. They feel that they want to be more independent but fear being totally independent, it's actually almost an oxymoron.

Even though as earlier stated I don't want to be an adolescent forever now, I did at one point feel that way. When I was younger at about the age thirteen I was nearly done my physical and sexual development but I was far behind in my social development. I've always had a good strong relationship with my parents but I had never had a strong romantic relationship until the current one which started last year. I also as many still do I was still somewhat afraid of the idea of having to support myself working a job to make all the money to support even myself, although I now accept and look forward to the idea of being able to make enough money that I will never have to worry about money problems for me or my family.

With the wisdom and the knowledge that I have acquired in my times of being a child and an adolescence I look forward to the future of being an adult and being able to support my family. By now I am both physically and mentally mature, and I have also…...

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