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onesia as the development country has to facing so many challenges and obstacles in order to achieve the goals of the country. From the very beginning the economic system in Indonesia is followed the Pancasila economic system. But, at the time before the new order, the economic system in Indonesia are liberal and statism that is not suitable for the citizen in the early of 50’s to
60’s. Before that time there are many program that already made by the government about the development of Indonesian economic, but that plan is not work as they are because the government not apply ‘the right man in the right place’. The economic activity that has to be handled by economist, at that time is handled by the politicians. So the fund is used in the sector of politics instead of economic activities. The problem that surfaced at that time is the abused of the foreign debt, the high inflation, and the population growth that are higher that the economic growth.
After the new order, there are rehabilitations in the many aspects of life, and also decrease the rate of inflation at that time. All of that is included in the problem of economic in Indonesia such as; inflation, unemployment, poverty, income, and so on.
Indonesian economy already experience the hyperinflation in the 1996, the inflation rate at that time is reached 650%. But, because of the development of economic growth, the hyperinflation now can be controlled According to the deputy of Indonesian Bank, the economic growth will be raise 6.3% - 6.5% with the level of inflation is 5% plus minus 1%. Besides, the economic growth also supported by the condition of macro economics in the 2010 is stable. Prior to Indonesia’s economic crisis, bank
Indonesia (BI) was responsible for formulating and implementing…...

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