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Analyse how a group is formed and the roles individuals take up within the group. Apply the theory to yourself, which role do you take within a group and why?

A group is when there are ‘two or more individuals, interacting and interdependent, who have come together to achieve a particular objectives’ (Robbins, 2005). A group can be formal and also Informal. Formal group is usually hierarchically structured with objectives and is well planned. In this type of group the organisation does not take into consideration the group members sentiments whereas in an Informal group the structure is very flexible and sentiments of group members are taken into consideration. To form a successful group, there should me two or more people and each of those individuals will have an assigned role such as one of them could be a leader and the others could be monitors. To be able to place each individual in the right group with their correspondent role, the Nine Team Roles of Belbins’ could be applied.

There are three main aspects in the Belbins’ strategy. (Huczynski, pg.329) These are ‘Acting’, ‘Thinking’ and ‘People’. The Acting category is formed by the Implementer, the one who is well-organized and can make ideas work very well. It also includes the Shaper, who can be very challenging and motivating and finally the Finisher, the one who handles all the work through the end. This category is mainly for individuals who are very good at initiating a project with basic ideas and well-planned work.

Secondly, there is the Thinking category. This category consists of the Plant, Monitor and Specialist. An individual who is a plant can easily solve problems and can be very creative. A Monitor, is a person who thinks carefully and very accurately about all the work being done and finally the Specialist is someone who has expert knowledge and skills in a specific topic and can…...

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