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1. Following is financial information for three ventures: Venture XX Venture YY Venture ZZ After-tax Profit Margins 5% 15% 25% Asset Turnover 2.0 times 1.0 times 3.0 times

A. If each venture had net sales of $10 million, calculate the dollar amount of net profit and total assets for Venture XX, Venture YY, and Venture ZZ.
B. Which venture would have the largest dollar amount of net profit? C. Which venture would have to largest dollar amount of total assets?

2. During its first year of operations, the SubRay Corporation produced the following income statement results:

Net Sales $300,000
Cost of Goods Sold -180,000
Gross Profit 120,000
General & Administrative -60,000
Marketing expenses -60,000
Depreciation -20,000
EBIT -20,000
Interest expenses -10,000
Earnings before taxes -30,000
Income taxes -0
Net earnings (loss) $-30,000 Costs of goods sold are expected to vary with sales and be a constant percentage of sales. The general and administrative employees have been hired and are expected to remain a fixed cost. Marketing expenses are also expected to remain fixed since the current sales staff members are expected to remain on fixed salaries and no new hires are planned. The effective tax rate is expected to be 30 percent for a profitable firm. A. Estimate the survival or EBDAT breakeven amount in terms of survival revenues necessary for the SubRay Corporation to breakeven next year.

B. Estimate the NOPAT breakeven amount in terms of revenues necessary for the SubRay Corporation to breakeven next year.

C. Assume that the product selling price is $50 per unit. Calculate the EBDAT and NOPAT breakeven points in terms of…...

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