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A Way Through Life

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A Way through Life

“When a new life is brought into this world, family is the first to shelter you with love.”
Death, independence, and family have played a major set back in my life. Overcoming these personal challenges has made me the highly driven person I am today. There is nothing more than one experience that can change how you view your whole life.
Death approaches an individual when their time is due to expire in this world. My father,
Orephin Baker died in a car accident. You think that a man as handsome and young as him would live to see his daughter grow up or even better live a full life. Instead, he went for a drive and took me with him. Lights were flashing, sirens were going off and coming from every direction of course
I couldn’t do anything but cry I didn’t have a clue what was going on. Screaming, and lots of yelling and suddenly with the reach of a hand someone was coming to get me out. I was only four years old and before I knew it their was a soft voice whispering in my ear ‘’It’s ok sweetie, don’t cry.’’
I grew up wanting my father and mourning over not having him there. I took my loss out on everyone around me. Growing up without a father was not a typical statistic where I’d be the girl pregnant by sixteen or becoming strung out on drugs. I easily analyzed my peers around me and quickly knew what I didn’t want my life to be like, I wanted to be his legacy. So, I learned to deal with his death by promising myself I would not be another statistic.
Independent and not asking for help when it’s needed and becoming of age where I finally have to learn to take care of myself. Finding a job felt like it was the longest process ever. The calls, the interviews, and waiting on call backs is the most nerve wrecking thing; however I made it

through that process at the age of sixteen and began working at Grady Hospital in the Teen Clinic.
While working at the teen clinic I became more open minded to a lot of problems that teens face every day. Naturally, I feel the need to inform my peers and help when needed but I had to go through training first. Training took place over the course of three days and on the third day we would be evaluated and based upon our evaluation determined if we got the job or not. I learned how to speak with confidence, make good eye contact and work with a partner on the first day. By the second day we had to memorize sessions in our handbook and present them like we were in a eighth grade class. I was very vigorous the first two days and then came the third day, presentation day. I got up presented myself as I was taught to do so and just as I was beginning to introduce my colleague, he didn’t show! Quickly I got myself together and presented myself as a young perky teen leader helping to inform my peers about promoting abstinence.
Once training was over I was told I got the job and we would be having in service informing us when we will start going out to speak with teens. Although, I was petrified of speaking in front of large numbers people I was able to get up and present my presentation by myself. ‘’True independence and freedom can only exist in doing what's right’’ and by getting up in front of a class and having to present a session made me more than independent it taught me how to be brave.
Therefore, going through that long process of being interviewed, waiting on call backs and having a job helped me to depend less on my parents.
Blood is thicker than water and that couldn’t make us anymore than family. They always have your back even when you doubt yourself. When you are torn down they always know how to pick you up and give you that extra push. My family has the strongest bond, when it comes down to anyone needing anything we will get it for each other. For instance, when I had my surgery and

everyone pitched in to help and make sure I had everything I wanted, needed, and that I was comfortable. My grandmother got up every night in the middle of the night around three to make sure I took my medicine and had enough fluids. My grandfather made me smoothies and fixed oatmeal for me to eat all morning. My mom brought me books and games to play while I was on bed rest and last but not least my aunt, uncle, and baby sister came in to talk to me to make sure I was still the same old me.
Laughter is good for the soul but even better when it’s with family. We fuss and fight but we never push each other away. We only become stronger, wiser, smarter, and begin to develop our own mind. As, you get older you go through a phase of just being a ‘’typical teenager’’ blasting your music, being disobedient, and possibly having drama queen issues if you were me. I’ve made many mistakes as I was trying to find my way through my own life but I thought I was alone.
However I was not alone, I only felt like I was because I didn’t want to interact with my family as much. I rather go out with my friends and act like a typical teenager. Sadly, my teenage drama queen crisis came to a halt and I began to create my own standards and morals for my life as I grew up. I soon started opening up to my family more and connecting more with them. Now that
I’ve started to share my experiences and judgments with my family we can now laugh about everything that goes on between my past experiences and theirs.
Death, independence, and family have contributed to making me the highly driven individual I am today. The experiences I have encountered have alleviated me to keep moving forward and ‘til this day I will continue to strive to be the best I can be.
‘’Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.’’
Henry David Thoreau

A Way through Life

Tonje Randolph
Mrs. Blair
British Literature
31 January 2013…...

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