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A Study on Media Planning Strategies at Different Organizations

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A study on Different Media Planning strategies at Selected Organizations

In the partial fulfilment of
Post Graduate Diploma in Management

Bhargav Radia (P1139)

Under the guidance of:

External Guide:
Mrs Upasana Miterani
Mrs Nikita Panchal



We Moulin Gajjar, Mohammad Ali & Bhargav Radia students of the two year PGDM programme at N R Institute of Business Management hereby declare that the report on summer training and project work entitle is the result of our own work. We also acknowledge the other works/publication cited in the report.

(Signature) (Signature) (Signature)

Moulin Gajjar Mohammad Ali Bhargav Radia

Place: Ahmedabad


I express my sincere thanks to Ms. Upasana Miterani and Mrs. Nikita Panchal Marketing Executives, ACTIVE MEDIA, AHMEDABAD. Who guided me throughout my project with constant co-operation, encouragement and motivation.

I thank to record my gratitude to our college Director for his encouragement and valuable support towards us.

My project guide Mr. Rajesh Asrani has provided his valuable inputs as and when required. I thank him for his help and constant support.

I wish to place on record my gratitude to all the persons I have met during the data collection phase of my Project. Their inputs are indispensable. Last but not the least I would thanks my friend for sharing the resources required for successful completion of this project.…...

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