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A Public Assassin

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A habit, a trend, or a public danger? Smoking has been recognized around the world as one of the leading causes of cancer. This is not only limited to smokers; smoking also affects the people around the smoke. Second hand smoke is just as toxic as smoking itself. It causes thousands of deaths every year. This is why smoking cigarettes and cigars should be banned in public areas.
Smoking is one of the greatest causes of cancer and other deadly diseases. People who smoke are at greater risk of dying early in life than others who do not smoke. The risk of disease increases the more you smoke throughout your life. Some of the diseases you can acquire from smoking cigarettes are anywhere from lung cancer and lip cancer to cancer of the throat and mouth and most other organs in your body. Smoking also causes problems such as bad breath, difficulty breathing, wrinkling of the skin, and stained yellow teeth, amongst other things.
Second hand smoke is very dangerous and can also cause the same diseases as actually smoking a cigarette. The effect that smoking has on others is called “passive smoking.’ Children and infants who are exposed to tobacco smoke are usually prone to more colds, ear infections and are more likely to develop asthma. It can also cause SIDS in infants. Second hand smoke is thought to have an effect on children’s learning development and behavior as well.
Cigarettes are poison wrapped in paper and are very harmful and addictive. Cigarettes contain a cocktail of different chemicals that are very harmful to you and other people. The chemicals cigarettes contain are acetone, cadmium, formaldehyde, and nicotine. All of which can be found in rat poison, battery acid, embalming fluid, nail polish remover and insecticides. These chemicals should not enter the human body for any reason what so ever.
Smoking in public places is not healthy for you or…...

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