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A New Paradigm in Management Training

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A new paradigm in management training

Dr J. A. MacAskill, Dean, Dr Muhammad Farmer, Director
St James’s Business School, 23 King Street, London SW1Y 6QY


Graduates, perhaps at no other time in an economic cycle, require the ability to integrate and transfer their conceptual understanding to novel situations in a practical way.

The context in which one learns is a formative experience in promoting knowledge transfer. If knowledge is taught in one dimension then it intrinsically places a barrier to adaptive and flexible learning and its application. Alternatively, knowledge acquisition taught in multiple contexts promotes a student’s ability to assimilate, analyse, articulate and implement action plans. This ability to extract knowledge and abstract the concepts and principles relevant to any given situation is undoubtedly promoted through a more flexible multi-context presentation of knowledge. Furthermore, in a management and leadership development context it presents information in a form that will be more relevant to executive work patterns and operational requirements.

In an educational sense this requires commonality of experience and the conceptual frameworks of the learners and their tutors to ensure that the ability to move easily between the cognitive elements being described and the desired practical outcome is achievable.

At the centre of British Institute of Technology and E-commerce (BITE) educational philosophy lies the concept of an integrated curriculum and this is particularly relevant to the new MBA (named pathway) programme being offered at its new executive development campus in St. James’s, London. This programme has been designed and developed from its very inception with this principle at the core of its curriculum. The St James’s students will require significant corporate, public or private sector,…...

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