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A Business Executive Can Demonstrate Virtue When Dealing with a Disgruntled Shareholder at the Annual Meeting.

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A business executive can demonstrate virtue when dealing with a disgruntled shareholder at the annual meeting. Virtue in ethics focuses on the moral character of the decision maker. The executive will need to use their life to learn and reciprocate virtue. There are many different traits an executive could have. The executive must be a good citizen, businessman, and virtuous acting given any situation.

First, being a good citizen is important. Always being as selfless as possible. By practicing this in society it will help you to maintain your selflessness in an argument or disagreement in any situation. The executive,prior to and while being a citizen, will have also learned morals and how to stick with them. While always applying morality in decisions made in society as a citizen, the executive has reinforced using this decision making process at work as well. Morals and selflessness that were learned as a citizen will carry over to work life to help manage a disgruntled shareholder.

Second, being a virtuous businessman is even more practice at handling a disgruntled shareholder. When the executive is always moral at work, no matter the situation, the executive is prepared for arguments that arise while being able to show their real character traits. Being able to be virtuous in business decisions will show the shareholder that they have the best moral character and help discourage them from even being disgruntled.

Finally, always acting in a virtuous way will help to deal with disgruntled shareholders. No matter the situation or hat the executive should always show morality. These morals guide the executive to have virtue ethics. The executive, by acting moral, will keep the company's culture and their own morals in place. This will show the shareholder that they have the interests of the shareholders in their minds and will keep the…...

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