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Mariano San Miguel Ms. Chaffin Freshman Comp 2 October 2013 I learned a very valuable lesson when I was a young teenager. I learned that Good always beats evil, and in the same day learned that stealing is never right or an option. It is a lesson I will always remember,and will help me to learn to never did it again and move on with my life. It was early a Monday morning back in the eighth grade ,and I was feeling great, and thats when i decided i was going to fake sick with my mom. I convince her I was to sick to go school ,and that I needed to stay home. The day goes by as I lay and bed and watch TV when mom comes in the room , and ask me if I wanted to go to walmart with her. Me being the little eight grade kid that I was jumped at that opportunity to get to get out of the house on a day I was sick. We start to head on our way to Kennett, where the closest Wal-Mart was, and mom ask me how I’m feeling. I told i was fine ,and I was feeling good enough to go in with them. We get into walmart ,and mom tells me to take my nephew to the toy area. She said to let him play with the toys for a little while, and we’ll be shopping for groceries. I take my nephew to the toys area ,and let him play with everything for a little while. He ends up wearing himself down and wants me to push him in a cart. I start to push him in this cart ,and we eventually end up in the video game area. I look around that really wasn’t anything that I liked in the video games section so we make our way to the video game accessories section. Theres nothing there either so I start to go to the Ipod section ,and start to look at all the different types, colors, sizes, and prices of the headphones. I find this one pair that look awesome , and I wanted them so bad. Thats when I decide that I’m going to ask my mom if she will buy me these awesome headphones the only problem with me asking my mom if she’ll get me the

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headphones is they cost thirty five dollars. I ask my mom anyway hope and praying that she would find it in her heart to buy me them. Mom ends up turning me down many times ,and thats when I decided that if my mom wasn’t going to buy me the headphones I’m going to get the headphones anyway possible. I tell my mom I’m going back to the toys section with my nephew because he wants to go back. I end up not going to the toys first ,but instead going to the Ipod section to see what I can try to do to get those headphones. I look around for a while holding the headphone in my hand ,and decide that the toys section would be the best area to open the box, take the headphones out, and put them in my pocket. I start to walk back with my nephew to try to get back together with my Mom because she called to tell me she paying already ,and we are about to leave. We finally meet back up with my mom ,and as I’m walking to go out of Wal-Mart this guy, dressed normal, ask me if he can have his headphones back. I was quit to think ,and I took out my headphones on my Ipod that were plugged into it and asked if he meant those headphone. He pulls out a box and says “No the ones that were in this box.” I realize i’m caught and pull out the headphone the man was talking about and hand them to him. As you saw in my experience with stealing and doing an evil thing that good always beats evil it doesn’t matter what the situation is or what is going on. bad will never beat good, and you can also see how I learned a lesson in how I shouldn’t steal because it is wrong and never right!…...

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