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400 Blows

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The 400 Blows

1) Truffaut included the puppet show to show how Antoine and his friend are developing mentally. Their mind state is becoming more advanced and “mature” when it comes to stealing. They start to think things through instead of just going at it. The striking thing about that scene is that it shows the children enjoying the scene and having fun, while Antoine and his friend are in the corner plotting with evil thoughts, not enjoying the show.

2) One street scene that I found that interested me was at 24 minutes into the movie, after Antoine had left the carnival. While walking with his friend through the streets, he saw the once beautiful place of what was known as Paris (it’s still beautiful, just not as much as before), as well as his mother, while she was making out with a man who wasn’t her husband. Just this scene alone portrays that in the 1950s, Paris wasn’t the best place to be. Although it was pretty, it was also very busy and crowded on the streets. Anything could happen.

3) One scene I found visually stunning was the carnival scene where he was in the spinning ride. Although I may be wrong, but I feel as if the director included that scene to give an insight of how Antoine’s mind is and he's foreshadowing the rest of the film. The spinning of the ride refers to how Antoine is a confused kid just trying to get through. At one point of the ride, he is completely upside down. That is when his life turns for the worse when he’s sent off to boot camp/military school. The end of the ride is him banging on the door with excitement and walking out with a huge smile on his face. That’s foreshadowing how he escapes the camp and ends up at the ocean, full of joy, happiness, and freedom. It could also be foreshadowing his future beyond the movie being also very wonderful.

4) The film’s ending was rather unexpected. It barraged me with a range of mixed emotions. I had not expected the film to end that way, I actually thought there was more to the film until I checked the time remaining. The ending left me with so many questions wondering about his future. Will he go back home? Is he going to get caught again? How will he eat? How will he survive? Besides all of that, it was also a very happy ending for him as well because his dream came true, he finally got to see the ocean. Though he had been through back-to-back unfortunate circumstances, whether or home or at school, the movie still ended with him enjoying his life for the time being, and that’s the special thing about it. I think the only reason it ends with him frolicking in the water is because the director wants us to know at least something does go right for him eventually.

5) The plot of the film is well thought out. There’s so much detail for such a small time frame in Antoine’s life, but it plays out perfectly. In some aspects as the film progresses, Antoine starts to slowly become a different and slightly better version of how he was previously. He goes from being a pure mischievous child to a normal child who occasionally makes mistakes. He matures. He’s eager to grow up and work once. He stated to his mother that he was thinking of dropping out of school and bringing in income. His main conflict is his need to steal. I feel as if there are two climatic moments, one is when moves in with his friend and the other is when he returns the typewriter and gets caught. The resolution is him finally getting his freedom and enjoying his life. This short period of time cannot define how he will grow up to be; certain circumstances can occur that are life changing, but, if I were to judge based on just what I have seen, I would say he will most likely grow up to be a man who is loyal to those who are close to him, but will do whatever it takes to make a living. He will know how to get around and make money when he needs it, and won’t let anything stop him.

6) The theme of “The 400 Blows” is crime. Throughout the whole movie, Antoine commits crimes and then faces the punishment for doing them, but does a “crime” again. First it starts off small, as in being the class clown, then it immediately goes to him stealing money from his parents, eventually ditching school, and ending up with him stealing from his friend’s family. Truffaut was making it clear that once children start with a minor crime like taking things from home, its like a gateway to even more criminal activity to eventually being imprisoned like how Antoine basically was (although his was the child version of a prison) if it isn’t put to a stop fast enough. His father should have scolded him and warned him about stealing when Antoine was caught with the pen that he “traded”.

7) What is Antoine’s friends name? I don’t really want to google anything related to the movie because I know I’ll use it and it’ll impact my thoughts and I’ll get in trouble. Also, where does Antoine hear his mom say that she wanted to have an abortion instead of give birth to him?…...

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