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Who are the 30 Million Uninsured Americans?
Matthew E Newman
ITT Tech Jacksonville, Fl.

Hossenfelder, S. S. (2007). Phenomenological Quantum Gravity. AIP Conference Proceedings, 903(1), 463-466. doi:10.1063/1.2735224
This article talks about the future problems seen with using a Planck scale. This scale marks a threshold past which the old description of spacetime breaks down and new things must appear. More effort has been put into the research of quantum gravity, even if the full theory is still unknown. I am using this article as a means to disprove yet another theory.

Ellis, G. (2008). Cosmology: Patchy solutions. Nature, 452(7184), 158-161. doi:10.1038/452158a
The article talks about the expansion of the universe which has been observed accelerating. It talks about Albert Einstein's general-relativistic field equations and the fundamental dynamics of the universe describing how gravity arises through the distortion of space-time by mass and energy. Here is yet another theory I am trying to disprove.

Battersby, S. (2004). The ghost in the cosmos. New Scientist, 181(2433), 32-35.
Here is another article that talks about Einstein and all those theoretical formulas and calculations telling what is in the empty box. Einstein's theory of relativity does do something's like accurately calculate the orbits of our planets, but lacks the entirety of a completed formula.

President Obama, and the Democratic Politicians in Washington keeps hammering away about the 30 million uninsured Americans that the Affordable Health Care Act is going to provide for. But, has anyone asked, “Who are the 30 million uninsured Americans that they are talking about?”

7.4 million Food and Beverage workers,
Maintenance workers,

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