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Division of powers among the local, state, and federal governments
Weakness of the Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation gave final authority to the state governments, creating conflict between states. For example, if one state passed a law that affected citizens visiting from another state, no one could settle the dispute. Also, the federal government had no way to protect the people and nation as a whole.
Solution in the U.S. Constitution
Article VI of the Constitution makes federal laws supreme over state laws. Article IV of the Constitution says the states must respect each other’s laws and explains the duties of the federal government to protect the states. Article I of the Constitution allows the federal government to create and maintain a national military force to protect the nation.

Limited Government
Idea that government should be restricted to its basic function of protecting people`s natural rights
Weakness of the Articles of Confederation
Under the Articles of Confederation, the central government was too weak and limited. For example, it could pass laws but not enforce them.
Solution in the U.S. Constitution
The Constitution expanded and listed the powers of the federal government. Through Article I, Congress could raise taxes. Article II establishes the president as the leader of the military. Articles I(One), II (Two), and III (Three) expanded federal power but still limited it by dividing its powers into the three branches and by specifying who is qualified to serve in each branch.

Rule of Law
Idea that everyone is subject to the same privileges, responsibilities, and consequences under the law
Weakness of the Articles of Confederation
The Articles of Confederation stated responsibilities of the states and the federal government. It gave Congress limited powers in making law but provided no way for…...

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