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TRAINING I. WHAT? II. WHY? III. WHEN? IV. WHO? • Trainer • Trainee V. HOW MANY WAYS? HOW LONG? VI. FOR EXAMPLE (Pizza Hut) ➢ Training staff (example: server) • Why? Fill vacancies, promote staff • Who? Trainer: Old staff. Trainee: new recruit or promoted staff. • When? Lack of labour, develop workforce • Requirements? • How? How long? - 14 days - Orientation (1 day) - 10 Moment of Truth (1 day) ➢ Training manager (example: shift leader) • Why? Fill vacancies in management system, promote staff • Who? Trainer: Training & Development Department. Trainee: 3* staff or new recruit • When? Lack of manager labour or develop management skills • Requirement? Shift management: control product, material, equipments, staff, cash… • How? How long? ← Leading A Shift (LAS) (1 week, 11 parts) 1. Customer Mania 2. Cleanliness And Food Safety 3. Safety And Security 4. Emergency Situation 5. Basic HR 6. Daily Inventory 7. Product Quality 8. Shift Labour 9. Cash control 10. Open, Shift Change, Close 11. Putting It All Together ← Train The Trainer (1 day, 3 parts) 1. Role Of Training 2. Training Process 3. Practice ← Get Ready To Lead (1 day, 3 parts) 1. Differencies Between Staff – Manager 2. Capacity Of Manager 3. Basic Skills o Assignment o Get Feedback o Recorgnize VII. EVALUATING

I, II : 3 phút (Thiện) (cơ sở lý thuyết)
III, IV: 3 phút (Thảo) (cơ sở lý thuyết)
V: 2 phút (Trang) (cơ sở lý thuyết)
VI: 10 phút Staff (Bảo) Manager (Tuấn) (Mai support Why? Who? When? Requirement?)
VII: 2 phút (Mai)

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