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heterochromia - a state when a person's eyes have different color. it is a rare case.. but , people never knew that the people that has heterochromia has special powers... their power can destroy a country if they see fit.

chapter 1.

my name is kanzaki nue. im 16 years old and currently living alone in cabadbaran , a province located in mindanao , one of the three major islands of the philipines. my parents were working in a far away place as always to support me. I went to Candelaria Institute. It’s just a small high school but you can feel a sense of content when you’re staying in it. I’m not that popular , I only have two close friends in school named Kouta and Eiji.

=Kanzaki – hey guys, what’s our agenda for today?
=Eiji – This!!

Eiji took his laptop from his bag and showed us his collection of h-games.
=Kouta – Whoah!! That’s impressive!!!
=Kanzaki - …..
By the way, I forgot to mention, both of my friends are first rated perverts.

=Kouta – Lemme see!!
=Eiji – Don’t rush private , you’re gonna get your share soon..
Kouta handed his flash drive to copy the h-games.
=Kanzaki – By the way guys, what are we gonna do for the school’s intramurals?
=Eiji – Let’s just chill like always..
=Kouta – Yeah , Let’s just play some eroge like normal high school boys do.
=Kanzaki – You call that normal?
=Kouta – I’m just saying…

A week later, the school intramurals began.. It’s looks fun and normal at first, but I didn’t know that with those few days , my life would change forever.

Chapter 2..

School Intramurals. As expected, my friends Eiji and Kouta were just hanging inside our classroom and was playing some eroge. Unlike them, I was walking around the campus sightseeing for some interesting stuff. This year , the intramural’s theme was cosplay, so a lot of the students here were wearing costumes… But the one that was standing among the rest was Haruna Takeshi. She was a 3rd year student in school, just like me. But, I cant reach her because she was extremely popular in school. By the way , she’s my crush in school. I was infatuated with her since she transferred here in school two months ago.

The males were swooned by her curvy body like usual, while the girls were giving death glares with envy at her. I sighed and moved on to watch more of the school’s attractions.

=Haruna – Nue…

Chapter 3

It was 6pm at night. I went straight home to change my clothes. After a while, I went back to school because it was the school’s disco. But when the disco started, I ended up sitting in the sides because I was embarrassed to dance. Finally, it was the slow dance music. Couples were dancing.. Single people like me were just sitting on the sides..

=? – Would you like to dance with me??

As I heard that, I looked up, and was put in a daze. It was Haruna Takeshi.

=Haruna – Well?
=Kanzaki – Oh… okay..

I was slightly embarrassed. This was quite an unbelievable feat. I get to dance with the school’s top idol.
Other guys were jealous at me. I just smiled and enjoyed myself at this moment.…...

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